Microwave Digestion System


W1900 Continuous Emission Microwave Digestion System The unique design of the W1900 allows the operator complete control of power and time. Our technology integrates the functional operation and oven components into one single unit. The continuous microwave emission enables consistent digestion for a set period of time with constant power, as well as real time temperature monitoring. Its features include interlocking door safety, fume exhaust and a PTFE coated cavity. Water, soil, food, pharmaceutical, metal, oil and many other samples can be easily digested.

Varsal Advantages:

  • Continuous 1000W microwave emission system
  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Integrated operating system and oven in one single unit
  • Microwave leakage of < 1mV
  • Maximum cooling time of 15 minutes
  • Intelligent programming with pre-installed EPA methods

Item Parameter Specification
W1900 main system Microwave power 1000 Watts
Power supply 220-240V: 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Microwave frequency 2450 MHZ
Microwave Leakage < 1mV
Exterior 475mm x 588mm x 578mm
Interior 260mm x 360mm x 410mm
Weight 45 Kg
Digestion vessel set
(7 digestion vessels + 1 temp vessel w/ carousel)
Maximum pressure 350 psi
Control pressure 200 psi
Maximum temperature 230°C
Average working temp 25-200°C
Temperature accuracy to 1°C
Temperature vessel with probe Maximum temperature 230°C
Average temperature 25-200°C
Temperature accuracy to 1°C
Digestion vessel Maximum pressure 350 psi
Control pressure 200 psi
Rupture disk   100 pieces per pack
Vessel tool box   Tools to operate Vessel


Vessel SetsVessel Sets

Vessels are rated up to 350 PSI pressure and a maximum temperature of 2300C. Specific to the W1900 Digestion Microwave System are two vessels: Temperature Vessel with Probe and Digestion Vessel.


Vessel SetsTemperature Vessel with Probe


A. Sensor ultem cap
B. Pressure float
C. Temperature probe
D. PFA coated thermowell
F. Ultem bottom
G. Sensor housing
H. Thermowell o-ring
I. Pressure float o-ring
J. 20 mil disk
K. 20 mil disk o-ring
L. Heat shield (VHP)
M. Sensor housing mount
N. Thermowell bolt
P. Liner release hole (VHP)


Ordering Information

Description Part Number Unit Price USD
W1900 Continuous microwave digestion system 626-402 $ 8,950
W1900 digestion vessel set 506-410 $ 3,495
Temperature vessel with probe 506-416 $ 995
Digestion vessel 506-402 $ 465
Rupture disk set 506-408 $ 99
Vessel tool kit 506-411 $ 385