LC-2008 Pump


Parameter Specification
Flow Rate 0.001~9.99 mL/min (adjusting flow as 0.001Ml/min)
Flow Accuracy RSD < ±0.15% (flow 1mL/min)
Flow Precision < ±2% (flow 1ml/min, pressure 5~10MPa, room temperature )
Maximum Work Pressure 42MPa (flow: 0.001~9.999mL/min)
Pressure Display Precision Display Precision tolerance < 0.5MPa (0~42MPa)
Pressure Fluctuation < 0.2MPa, (flow 1ml/min, water pressure 5~10MPa)
Pressure Maintained Loss of pressure lower than 0.5MPa within 10min, with 42MPa pressure
Dimensions 450mm L X 300mm W x 160mm H
Net Weight 15Kg (33 lbs)

Ordering Information:

Description Part Number Unit Price USD
LC-2008 System 826-801 Starting from $9,995
LC-2008 UV Detector Unit 826-802 $4,795
LC-2008 HPLC Pump Unit 826-803 $4,295
Rheodyne Model 7725i Sample Injector 806-801 $820.80
C-18 Column, 1.0mm ID, 150mm x 5μm 806-802 $356.00