Varsal-7800i HPLC Injection Valve

Varsal-7800i HPLC injection valve, a newly developed manual injection valve, is a traditional 6 port two position flat face shear valve with a front loading needle port. It is designed for use in traditional HPLC chromatography systems such as Varsal LC-2008, Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu and SP. The comparison results with other brand manual injection valves show that 7800i is very comparable and can be substituted in all chromatographic environments with complete confidence.

7800i accessories also share with other brand HPLC injection valves

Varsal Advantages:

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to connect to instrument
  • Optional sample loops
  • Built-in position sensors


Sample size Sample loops Operating pressure
1μL-5 mL 20μL (2μL-5mL available) Up to 7000psi

Ordering Information:

Description Part-Number Unit Price USD
7800i manual injection valve 806-811 $495.00
VS Rotor Seal for 7800i 806-811-1 $66.00
Build Kit for 7800i 806-811-2 $139.00
Stator Face, Assy for 7800i 806-811-3 $92.00
10uL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree 806-811-4 $27.00
5uL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree 806-811-5 $27.00
100uL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree 806-811-6 $29.00