Varsal to Attend Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia

At Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Varsal will be exhibiting its broad range of products engineered for the spectroscopy market. Featured in our display will be our line of 2000 hour, high intensity Deuterium Lamps, our extensive listing of fire-fused UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Cells and Cuvettes, Hollow Cathode Lamps and HPLC Solvents. We will also have complete details about our new, state-of-the-art W-2060 Microwave Digestion System and Spectrophotometers. Finally, stop by the booth to learn about Varsalís in-house machining center and engineering capabilities to contract manufacture instruments, components and consumables.
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Varsal opens new chemical plant at Tangshan Seaport Industrial Development Zone, Tangshan, China

Varsal opened the new chemical production facility at Tangshan Seaport Industrial Development Zone, Tangshan China last October. The new plant transferred most of the existing production equipment from the old production site six kilometers away, and installed many new equipment, make the state of the art chemical production facility. Current production lines include Triflics/Triflic salts, MSC/MSA/Sn-MSA/Bi-MSA/Cu-MSA, NaH2PO2/HPA/NiPA, water-based anti-corrosive coatings/fire-resistant coatings, Catylists, electroplating additives, pharm intermediates, etc.
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